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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Congrats to you both. Sandeep you are very kind hearted and very down to earth. The way you expressed your relationship is impressive. As a friend of Sandeep I say that Sruthi you are very lucky to be with him and also I can say that you have very good in-laws as well.

Srihari Kanchi

Friday, October 7, 2016

Hi Sandeep,

Congratulations for getting the best ever promotion in life. All the best! Keep smiling and you can make best happiness out of it within you and your best half. Always the combination of S&S keeps the life Simply Superb!!

Enjoy the feel life long. Wishing you a happy life ahead with your best



sukanya kota

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"i congratulate you both for your love and togetherness ,and wish you peaceful and wonderful times ahead in life.may god bless both of you with warmth and care......."i wish both of u a happy married life in advance......sruzzz akkaa......

Lokesh KV

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Congrats Sandeep and Sruthi.Wish you a very very happy married life.

Binita Sinha

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Congrats Sandeep and Sruthi.Wish you a very very happy married life.




Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thanks for ur kind invitation sister..... i feel grateful share moments with u on ur great day


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Nice invitation. I am so glad to see both of you and your love towards each other in your words. I might not be able to attent your special day but try to catch up with you guys at the earliest.

Congratulations and wish you a very happy married life.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Congrats Sandy. Wish you a very very happy Married life.


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Congratulations Sandy and Sruthi! So happy you found each other! Your invite took me back to my college days and my story with Sanjay! Good Luck and Wish you happy married life!!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Thanks for the invite.....

Will be there definetly!!!!!!!


Monday, October 3, 2016

Thanks for the invite. I will be there Sruthi and Sandeep.


Monday, October 3, 2016

Lovelyyy invitation!!!!!!!!!!

super excited to see adorable couple

pavani chowdary

Monday, October 3, 2016

thanks for the invitation ........

advance happy married life akka...

Sunil Kumar Reddy(Sukku)

Monday, October 3, 2016

Outstanding Invitation

I wish u a Very happy married life both of u in advance

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Congratulations on your wedsite! We are honored to be a part of your special day. Thank you for choosing to share your wedding plans and experiences with your friends and family.


Our Wedding


Wedding Reception

Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 7:00 pm

Sri Balaji Kalyanamandapam
Opp Ayyappa Temple, Tiruchanur Road
Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

Wedding Ceremony

Sunday, October 16, 2016 - 6:30 am

Sri Balaji Kalyanamandapam
Opp Ayyappa Temple, Tiruchanur Road
Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh

About Us

Our Family


Sandeep's Parents

Families always comes first no matter what.

One has to be extremly fortunate to belong to the beautiful human beings and the greatest parents of all time :)

Being a single kid, he has always being the luckiest to be able to get what he wanted..Although it has never been easier to be able to come out of the chubby kid image for all the pamperings that came in fast food (Been a loyal patron to all the bakerys around)

He always considers his mom as a super mom, seeing her as the lonely women waiting outside the school with her black sunny scooter. she enjoyed driving him around the town and is an unmatchable experience that never fades away in sandeep's thoughts.

She has explored her artistic side by drawing the Mickey mouses out of her library cartoon books for him. She has always been the most friendliest mom and never spared to share her love of icecream or a shopping fun without him around. She has been his everything first in his life

His dad, is a perfect example of an ideal father. His rigid image has been hiding his tender and the most warmth affection for ages. His life has always had 1 goal - to get the best for his family and he still yearns for it. It is always said, fathers turn into your friends when you get into your teens and it is so true for him too. Walking has never seemed to be an activity of sweat but always an activity of the most sweetest of the conversations with him. He showed how to love someone unconditionally without ever saying it out or expressing.

Sambasivam garu works as Sr. Asst in RTA and Lalitha garu works as Library Asst in SVU. They both live in the calmest corner of the Tirupathi Town


Sruthi's Parents

Unlike Sandeep's story, there can be parents who are equally fortunate and blessed for if they have someone like Sruthi.

Sruthi is fortunate and blessed for having such wonderful parents. She is just a shadow of her parent's love.

Can there be anything that makes parents feel more happy and proud than seeing their children turn into the most beautiful and happiest souls on the earth - Sruthi's parents also were not an exception to this.

It requires no special mention as to who would hold every reason for churning out someone as special and as beautiful person as Sruthi.

Being their eldest daughter, she was lucky enough to get the first of everything from her parents.

It poses an extremly uphill task for someone as naive as Sandeep to take over the responsibility of their Daughter.

Sruthi's mom is the World's best mom for her.she sacrifices everything for her children. I wil b always waiting for my bed coffee, prepared by mom,s love which tastes like a heaven. She os my 1dt teacher, 1st friend and was always being d reason to reach successful milestones in my life.

My dad have lots n lots of patience dat no ojne have. He always gives hos best for his children. And that's he proved in selecting Mr.Sandeep as my life partner too.he works hard for his family and his love is d best gift for us.

Ramesh garu works as Asst Engineer in SVU and Santhi garu works as a Government Teacher in MPP School. They both live along with thier Youngest daughter (Pallavi) in the happening corner near to the calmest corner of Tirupathi.


Sruthi's Sister

She being the youngest in the family earned all the tags of being the innocent, cute, adorable, little princess and many such since her childhood. She has been always been the recipient of all the care, support, warmth, empathy and joy from her sister and parents.

Sruthi feels she has always been the best companion of her life since the childhood with whom she has shared her every emotion of life - the modest tantrums, loudest laughs, craziest thoughts, happiest moments, wittiest conversations, mindfelt sadness, heartfelt tears, silliest mistakes and the complicated subjects(academics :P).

She has been nurtured well in the able being of her sister, but she had always returned the favor to Sruthi by being the equally best sister.

She is currently experiencing the most important yet most enjoyable phase of life - Colleging, pursuing her Btech 4th year.

Whenever Sruthi is at home, she wouldn't miss a moment to induce all her college stories into her sister mind and interestingly all her friends know Sruthi equally well and share the same camaraderie

Amongest the numerous cherishable memories they have shared together, Sruthi's thinks her fondest memories has always been she kissing her while she is fast asleep.

About Us

Our Story

Memories can never be created nor destroyed. They just keep flowing from one day onto the next day. The story of Sruthi and Sandeep is filled with so many memories that it can take them lifelong to just rejoice it.

This story seemed to have only protogonists, for, everyone who were part of the story have been the best people around. Although the whole story line has been dominated at every segment by 1 character - Sruthi.

It all started on a wintery night, in the backdrop of the beautiful place on the earth 'Cincinnati'. The dates and times are compromised in the story for the lack of memory of the writer. As like any regular day in the life of any boy who has earned the badge of the 'eligible bachelor', there came in a proposal of a girl who cannot be described for the lack of better words in english language. Based on the above sentence, now wonder, She got his attention and the tension of the decisions soon overtook the boy's days.

Everything moved in swiftly and got the most important honor from the families on both the sides. (For the readers understanding, the girls decision has not been revealed yet). The fact that we belong to 21st generation, earned an advantage and the boy was able to get the time slot to talk to the girl. It was the 25th of January 2016 and the much awaited day finally came. They talked over phone for an amount of time that might have bored the girl but not a bit to the boy. DONE!!! - Boy's are the most simplest creatures on earth. It hardly takes a minute to decide upon something and it has been proved again

He just discovered the person of his life. Life's biggest decisions doesn't have logics, it just goes by ones intuitiveness.

The story just entered the interval sequence and has all the tension tied to it - The Girl's decision.

The greatest people do make mistakes and Sruthi had to prove it again. She agreed upon Sandeep, again, no logics asked.

They finally got engaged on the March 4 2016. Sandeep is still trying hard to mitigate the impact of the decision Sruthi took :) and Sruthi is trying hard to make him feel the excitement of a hardwork for a better cause :P

There are so many people who need a special mention besides the families of both Sandeep and Sruthi.

They have been the greatest support and the biggest catalysts for all the decisions and the each memory in the yet to begin life of the couple.

Not in any order - Divya, Bhavana, Rohini, Kirthika, Suresh, Aravind, Adithya to name a few..

The pics on the side takes you through the journey of Sandeep and Sruthi

About Us

The Groom

This guy has always been the most simplest creature to be understood - He has always been like anyother boy of his age and had the same conventions and perceptions of life.

It all started in mid 1980's. He was the most feeble looking kid, with the most innocent looks and the every grumpy face who enjoyed partnering with the naughtiest stunts for his age. Crying has always been his modest companion and both of them never spared each other. Inspite of all the mishap, he has always been in the company of nicest neighbours and kindest deeds.

Being the single kid in the home although seems like a gifted option to many for not having to compete with your siblings on any trivial matters or a piece of a cake or a bar of chocolate, he has been uncovering the darker sides of it as he grew. He grew more adamant, more chubby and most importantly less tolerant.

Also being the subject of the exceptional parenting, things fell in right place soon without much ado.

His stint with studies lasted long enough but never good enough. He barely survived his schooling just because school has always been about academics/textbooks and he has never been in the good sight of them.

As everything changes with time, so did he. He has not been an exception to the progression. His progression was more noticeable in his waistlines than his studies. With the realization that strung his mind that generally has the same probability of a meteor striking the earth, he with his most unprecedantly confused mind started to accept the harsh reality of life that every teenager realises - 'You will be fit for nothing if you do not study or make it to engineering'. The tremors were a little severe this time and he clinged onto the sacred truths of surviving.

As many say, you will be what you are destined for, this statement was able to make its own point now in his life. Attempting every existing entrace examination, securing every possible admission, he got back to the situation he is really good at - Confusion. It treated him good this time and it ended at Sree Vidyanikethan Engg College. Yes, you heard it right, same college as Sruthi, but, he was many years(truth not be revealed) ahead of Sruthi :P . Being part of the 'Boys only' batch, his stint at his college has been easy and exciting since Engineering fulfills everyones wish to be a graduate without having to do a lot of study. His tryst continued onto CAT, GRE, GMAT and it took him no where but into an IT Job.

After a lot of deliberation and decision making that involves something as simple as flipping a coin, he positively stepped into the 'Life's most important routine' - Work with CSC. That low profiled builing in the lush corporate jungle had a uniqueness that can be felt by every new joinee. It glued and transformed many individuals to find some of his/her most important and cherishable moments. Thanks to a small secluded place in the building called 'Kroger bay' that sounded work at every possible moment of Fun, Hangouts, Celebrations, Get togethers, trips, floor walks, client visits, Critical Issues, Routine TAMs, late night works and many...

As like every good things come to an end, so did his journey this time took him to another yet more compelling, more fun, more critical, more exciting and most happening town of USA :P, as we famously call, our beautiful 'Cincinnati!!!' This place had a charm by itself, that got multiplied by each individual joining the group and his life swifted and drifted in the company of the great people and best memories. The people and memories seemed to be so intertwined that it took us to the philosophy of 'Egg or Chicken, which came first'.

This place has been an important leg in the race of life and it gave him the best of everything. It transformed him into a better individual, pocketed a lot of friends and inspired to appreciate the beauty of woods, early morning jogs, late night talks, potlucks, unplanned trips, severe cold nights, never ending conversations, ever dragging parties, congested places, chilling frappucinos, hottest gossips, thrilling car rides, killing witty punches, sensible thoughts, mendable last minute plans, uninvited visits, unsolicited advises and many more..

It just looks like I could hire a full fledged blog to go over the stories of Cincy. He challenged the Badminton, Tennis and Cricket in its true sense, carrying equally great people and fond memories.

This stream of happenings got a little side tracked when he met the most important person of his life, his partner in stupidity, his companion of serendipity - 'Sruthi', only to find that his every act of pure nonsense gets to have a sensical quotient.

From the words of the Sruthi !! (If only you have the patience and time to read it :P )

Sandeep : Mr.Handsome - As each letter in his name says he is Sweet - Amazing- Noble- Delightful- Everlasting- Extraordinary- Perfect

His presence is a magic around you that makes you forget everything. Really his parents deserve the appreciation for inducing great values in him.

As being only son he has been Prince from the childhood having all loved ones around him.

We will feel like we can do anything to see his beautiful smile.

He is most cutest, smart, descent, hyperactive, plays cricket, tennis, badminton a lot.

Secrets about him are unlike he looks he is very naughty, talkative which attracts everyone :P. His love is like a

Having all excellence in him he selected Sruthi as his life partner what we call lucky stroke for Sruthi.

I can say no girl is as fortunate as me to get my boy ..i can just say there's no substitute for him in this world

..... I bless my lucky star that I met him

He showed How love colors your world ...

I felt very surprised when i came to know about him . All his qualities , his nature grabbed my heart.. for d 1st time i thought even boys are great.:p yes he changed my perception towards boys. Great hats off to his patience for answering all my crazy doubts. Then i came to know - He is wonderful. amazing , magical. ... perfect and didn't give me chance to say no ..

Finally the day came , it’s a great surprise to c him mind stopped working, i don’t know wt was going on ...he just throbbed my heart.

Every time wen he makes sure if i have reached home safely - He is my dad

Every time wen he makes me sleep - He is my mom

Every time wen he make sure if i m eating well- He is my sister

Every time wen he is d reason who makes me smile- He is my lover

Every time wen he gives confidence during my tough time - He is my booster

Every time wen he shows what i can do - He is my well-wisher

Every time wen he fights for me - He is my friend

Every time wen he says i m looking great no matter how i am - He is my craziest fan

He is my life

He is my world

Yes, He is everything to me....

Its only you with whom i can fell madly in love

Its only you whom i can miss even tough wen we talked for hours together

Its only you with whom i can enjoy even though he is making fun of me

Its only u whom i want to b with me all d time like a selfish

Its only u with whom i can do all naughty things without getting any scoldings

Its only u about whom i can think more than about me

Its only u about whom i m ready to know about u endlessly curious

Its only u whom i can irritate so much just to c how much you loves me

Its only u for whom i can do anything

One life is not at all sufficient to b with him

.. so each n every second in his love is very precious n its getting started soon,......

About Us

The Bride

Sruthi!! - Whataaa Girl she is!!! This is the first feeling that would strike the mind in the initial few minutes of conversation..

She has the energy of a star/comet..wonder where she has so much energy stored in her small little thin feeble looking personality.

Her words are endless!! she can just keep talking and one just can't avoid listening :)

Her smile is effervescent!! it just induces life in you!!

Hailing from the beautiful town of Tirupathi, she is the eldest daughter of the proud parents and a beautiful sister to a lucky girl!! She grew through her childhood studying hard only to beat the rank 1 each other time in a different streak!!

It just didn't stop with studies..she just did everything possible or one can ever imagine doing in the childhood - Singing, Dancing, Art, hand crafting, cartooning.

However, just these wouldn't make her any special and without the mention of the few of the many bravest/greatest/boldest acts of this innocent looking yet the most naughtiest girl - pranking her beloved friends, bunking her lethargic btech classes, shouting inside the dark theatres, breaking the couples privacy, screaming out in open air, tiptoeing the silliest mistakes, striking with her wittiest punches, ragging her seniors, framing her friend's silliest acts, and this list just can't end..

She stands illustrious to the meaning of a 'Beautiful Person' with the most kindest personality, ever convincing rigidness, mind wincing naughtiness, calmest ordinance, tactful craziness, disciplinedly maturedness and emotionally coolness.

She has a magic that makes her the 'most favourite' of everyone around her and she sets into waves the positive charm that spreads out only when you have the most happiest sould on the earth inside you.

Her world has always been beautiful just because everything around you reflects your inner self.

She has the looks of the 'Girl next door' but immediately the thought would transform to 'I wish i really had someone like her by the next door'

'Intamandi undaga Sruthi nake enduku friend ayindi' is the most common adage that follows her!!

Sree Vidyanikethan engineering college, A Rangampet, still flaunts itself for housing someone as special as Sruthi, besides being founded by Dr. Mohan babu garu

She has decided to invest her worthiest wisdom and the well groomed brain in Wipro Banglore soon after the college and this place has earned her not just numerous appreciations but life long cherishing memories and friends.

From the words of the Sandeep!! (If only you have the patience and time to read it :P )

They say 'marriages are made in heaven'. I am not very sure about it. But, there is certainly something that is very true - Angels are not only found in heaven, they do exists in between us and they knock you down very hard when the right time comes.

I have seen an angel who took the shape of a human and calls herself 'Sruthi'.

I am still comprehending as to why did it actually happen to me, what did i do to deserve her!!

I can't count how much luck should have favored and how many stars should have been aligned to let me be able to meet this Ms.Wonderful.

I am falling short of new superlatives in my conversations with her. She consistently amuses me each single time you think the stream of surprises are going to conclude

She has a magic around herself. Magic that flips any personality upside down, leftside right!! Magic that makes your heart do somersaults in open air!!

Magic that transforms you into the most craziest individual on the earth!!

Magic that brings a smile on the face for no obvious reasons

Magic that lets you pray for red signals or traffic jams

Magic that lets you haunt your phone every few seconds

Magic that shadows the true realities of life

Magic that alters your biological cycle severely, insomnia and lack of appetite appears to be your close friends

Magic that rushes you to find the most inconspicuous place in your home

Magic that lets you write thousands of lines about her without a hint of tiredness

None can pass on her as a normal girl. She looks special, does special, feels special and more importantly makes it special.

This girl is nothing short of the best of the best

She has shown me what it is like to live happy

She has shown me what it feels to laugh your heart out

She has shown me what it takes to look into her eyes

She has taught me what it does to you when someone so special is out there

She has given me what are called the most priceless presents!!

She has proved me that time indeed flies when you talk to her no matter which topic

She has challenged the brain by pushing it to the limits of the emotional extent

She gives a chase to your memories with her most intellectual questions

She has made my tears roll over the cheeks and hinted me that tears indeed can make you feel happy!!

She is the most obvious synonym to the cuteness She can cast a spell and bind you for just not 1 lifetime but many to come

She drives you into oblivion with her candid countenances and cute gestures

She demonstrates creativity in its best form and you get tossed into cloud 9 when she dedicates it to you unconditionally

It's so tough to just lose a game of badminton and in the most trivial of the things. But, here, i am, losing to her each single time and I can still feel good about it. This is the most unlike me and definitely I am liking it being so too.

Things get complicated when i had to tell her what I actually liked about her. Because I cannot stop but pause to put down the points. The best trick would be just to blush at her and pass the question!!

She did now make me understand why we actually needed time travel. I wish I could just pause my life here, take a deep breath and rewind it to the Feb 27th 2016. They were the best days of my life univocally!!

Each moment spent in her presence were eternal!! The emotions were overwhelming but still it looked so subtle in her gracious presence.She is like the queen in every kids fairytale - The most beautiful, flamboyant, expressive, kindest, cutest, smartest, elegant, doe eyed, long braided, brightly dressed, gracious, happiest, most energetic, infinitely creative, benevolent and unconditionally liked by everyone!!!

If she has to be quoted in 1 sentence, she is the modern day Sita!! I wonder if such girls still exists and here she is proving again.



With joyous hearts we invite you to share in our weekend of celebration as we take the biggest leap and the modest jump for a life long committment

You are cordially invited to the wedding of 'The Super Girl' & 'The Not So Great Boy'

Are you wondering…

Who are these people?

What is their Story?

When is the Wedding?

Where the wedding is?

Can't make it easier, flip through the pages... :P

Sruthi & Sandeep



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Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

October 16, 2016

Sruthi & Sandeep

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October 16, 2016